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전화 : 206-999-7989, 한국전화 : 070-7796-9055, 070-7796-9483; 이메일 :

About Me

김수영 Sue Young Kim
Designated Broker/President

Helix Real Estate
Bellevue,WA 98004

Direct Phone: 206-999-7989

32 Years in Real Estate

Speaks Korean and English. Sue Young Kim, Designated Broker of Helix Real Estate Bellevue, has earned

a solid reputation as an experienced and dedicated real estate professional in the Seattle and Eastside real estate markets.

Sue started her career in 1987 with the John L. Scott company and quickly became one of the top producers in the firm.

She then became Skyline Properties top producing Agent for six consecutive years. With her accumulated experience,

Sue has honed her skills in the art of negotiation and approaches her work from a standpoint of ethics and principle.

She opened her own real estate company, Helix Real Estate Bellevue in 1992.


Her dedicated Brokers have been serving Buyers and Sellers all over the state of Washington with the Eastside communities

such as Bellevue, Medina, Clyde Hill, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Issaquah and Redmond being the company focus.

Helix Real Estate has been providing professional Buyer/Seller real estate services to clients locally as well as from Korea and Canada,

and clients representing companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Hyundai, Samsung, and LG with the following range of services: 


 Residential ( single family, condominiums, two, three, and four plex units) 


 Commercial (shopping centers, motels / hotels) 


 Business Opportunities (dry cleaners, deli, grocery, restaurant, etc.) 


 New Construction / Vacant Land 


 E-2 (foreign investment visa) 


 EB-5 (foreign investment program for green card) 


Whatever your real estate needs, Helix Real Estate professionals provide the highest level of service to meet the demands of their clients. 


How can we help you?




©김수영 부동산/Helix Real Estate; Address : 123-112th Ave NE Suite 542 Bellevue, WA 98004; Phone : 206-999-7989

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